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Starting with an ITIL foundation you can either choose to move on to a ITIL Practitioner level and specialise in one or more process areas or for those in or looking to be in a Service Management role you can take the Managers certificate

ITIL Release & Control Practitioner

Understand the ITIL model sufficiently to be able to develop, implement and manage an Integrated. Change and Release Management framework, using Configuration Management as a critical component.

The course will cover the typical activities of a practitioner in management of the Change Management, Release Management and Configuration Management processes and will focus on the following areas:


  • Plan the key activities in the Change Management, Release Management and Configuration Management processes
  • Plan the exchange of appropriate information relevant to managing the Release and Control processes
  • Initiate actions to ensure the key activities in the Release and Control processes meet the agreed objectives set
  • Report on the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities in the Release and Control processes.


  • Organize the exchange of appropriate information with other processes
  • Provide Change, Release and Configuration Management information to other IT Service Management processes, users and suppliers
  • Maintain the procedures of the Release and Control processes
  • Maintain the baselines of configurations and status information of Configuration items
  • Provide instructions for designing, building and configuring releases
  • Give advice on the back-out and test plans for changes and releases
  • Plan the implementation of releases
  • Monitor the logistics (storage, transport, development and/or delivery, implementation) for releases (whether purchased or developed internally)
  • Coordinate and monitor changes (including preparing and taking part in Change Advisory Board meetings).


  • Monitor and optimize the Release and Control processes
  • Propose improvements, based on results of monitoring and/or reviews
  • Plan and conduct change, release and configuration.
Where to take the ITIL exam?

There are 100's of Thompson Prometric Centres around the UK. Follow this link to get to the site to book your exam.

Where to purchase ITIL books?

The first book to purchase would be the ITIL Service Management Pocket Book £9.95 . This book is more commonly known as 'Little ITIL' and is used as reference on every ITIL Foundation course.

Below are links to the most popular itil books. The ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery are essential reading after passing your ITIL foundation exam. The Introduction to ITIL will help with your ITIL Foundation knowledge and for those trying ITIL from smaller organisations the newly released ITIL Small scale implementation book will provide guidelines to get you on your way.

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ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. ITIL can help individuals and organizations use IT to realize business change, transformation and growth.

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